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Vanessa Harriss, Managing Editor



What do you do?

I work on both The Week Junior and Science+Nature. My job is to make sure the facts are correct and the articles make sense. When the pages are perfect and ready to go, I send them to the printers. 


What’s your favourite fact that you’ve learned working on Science+Nature? 

Pikas poo twice. The first time it’s green and they eat it for extra nutrients, but the second time it’s black and they leave it alone.


What’s your favourite animal?
Too difficult! Dogs, cats and ducks would be in my top five though.


What do you like doing in your free time?

I really love walking and swimming. Doesn’t matter where: pools, the sea, lakes, rivers – just as long as it’s wet and splashy. I also like apple trees, porridge, OS maps and walking boots that really are waterproof.





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