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The Week Junior Science+Nature At Home

Bring science to life, even while you're at home. The Week Junior Science+Nature magazine will be sharing plenty of exciting activities, experiments and articles taken from recent issues of the magazine, to help keep children exploring, learning and creating.




Make a model lung


Find out how your lungs suck air into your body with this easy-to-make activity.

Build a kite


Aim for the sky and turn a piece of paper into a soaring kite.

Create a creature report


Challenge your children to create a report on one of their favourite animals.

Make a spaghetti tower


Become a structural engineer and build a 3D pyramid using spaghetti and marshmallows.

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

This bright green wonder drink is tasty and packed full of healthy vitamins.

Indoor workout


Stay active in your home with this simple circuit.


Make a water xylophone


Discover how sound moves through water and make a musical instrument.

Make a fat ball


Look after your local birds by making them a calorie-packed snack.

All about the Sun


Why not join us on a mission into space and discover the secrets of the Sun? Download our free article.

Make a ghost dance


This spooky activity could be magic or it could be the power of static electricity...

Grow an oak tree


In this fun activity, you can turn a tiny acorn into a mighty oak.

Build a home for animals


Give all sorts of creatures somewhere cosy to shelter this winter.

An orange life jacket


Which easy peeler will float – a heavier whole one or a lighter peeled one? The answer may surprise you.

Make seed cards


Give your friends and family the gift of flowers with these DIY plantable cards.


Check out The Week Junior's Activity Hub. With schools around the UK closed, we’ve compiled some fun experiments and exciting activities you can do at home, to help keep children exploring, learning and creating.