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Has your child ever asked why the sky’s blue, but space is black? How they can help protect their planet? Or what the stretchiest substance in the Universe is?

The Week Junior Science+Nature is the mind-blowing magazine with the answer to all these questions — and more! Each monthly issue delivers jaw-dropping facts, amazing activities and incredible photos, to inspire your children and fill them with wonder.

Subscribe today and get 3 fantastic issues for just £5.

Science+Nature is designed to bring STEM – science, technology, engineering, maths (and art!) – subjects to life, and show their relevance in our everyday lives . If your child is curious about how the universe works, then this is the magazine for them. 

Each issue is packed with incredible content, amazing pictures and mind-blowing factbombs, revealing the marvels of the living world and unveiling the wonders of space. Our fascinating features introduce young readers to big ideas and inspiring role models, and offer them newfound knowledge that they'll love to share with friends and family.

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What’s inside The Week Junior Science+Nature?

  • That’s Amazing! –all the latest fascinating discoveries, coolest inventions and surprising facts
  • Fascinating features – brilliant articles written by the UK’s best scientists, explainers and authors
  • Mysteries of Science – investigates the true stories behind strange phenomena and unexplained events
  • Coding Club – a place to code and create, with projects made in collaboration the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • The Lab – easy-to-do experiments and activities
  • Tons of great competitions and giveaways!


Alex, Year 7
Angie, Alex's mum

Alex likes the fact that there are lots of small articles to dip into, the variety of topics and the fact that they’re really current. He says they make science fun to read about.

Maggie A-P
Maggie Aderin-Pocock, space scientist and presenter of BBC's The Sky At Night

Everybody needs an understanding of STEM, because it plays such a key role in our lives, and so we can make the right decisions as a society. The Week Junior Science+Nature is doing an important job in breaking complex topics down into bite-sized pieces.

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